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About morgen studios

morgen studios is a developer of interactive and linear digital entertainment products.

The team has more than 15 years of experience to its name in the development of movies, games, learning software and internet portals. morgen studios is located in Berlin.
morgen studios is a licensed Nintendo, Xbox and iOS Developer and designs online games (browser and client technology). The company has already launched internet portals and communities in the kids and family entertainment sector, which are looked after by their own well-experienced operators. In total there are about 200 well-known and internationally published products that have been drafted, modeled, programmed, tested, published and even localised by morgen studios. A great deal of experience and a track record that is unique in this form in Germany!
For about five years now, morgen studios has also been operating a studio for television and film production. This is where contents are developed, that connect the interactive with the linear world. Most famous international project ist the TV series “Super 4”