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Bibi & Tina | The Big Riding Festival | Nintendo Wii

The first great Wii game for all horse lovers!
Now the dream of riding comes true! Fast-paced gaming and fun for all ages is guaranteed thanks to the child-friendly controls and level design. Versatility and action are the order of the day!

Martin’s Stables has organised a large equestrian event and of course the user’s participation is requested. There are different riding routes waiting to be discovered. Furthermore other challenges like trampoline-jumping , can-throwing, cake-decorating, balancing, duck-feeding and horseshoe-throwing have to be mastered before winning the golden horseshoe.

Platform Nintendo Wii
Release Date 10/2011
RAGE OF STORMS | Browsergame

On behalf of their client wwg worldwidegames GmbH, morgen studios develops the new hit strategy browsergame RAGE OF STORMS. An action packed game play that has not been seen before in a strategy game. Perfect navigation through hexes and long-term gaming fun due to interactive environmental factors guarantee a sensational game experience. The free online game RAGE OF STORMS takes the player to a not too distant future. In a huge desert landscape he is to set up a military camp and to prevail over other players.

Client wwg
Platform Web
Release date 05/2011
Development environment Web
Bibi and Tina | Jump & Ride | Nintendo DS

Exciting, fast, thrilling. KIDDINX first Jump&Run for Nintendo DS.

20th anniversary of Martinshof – Reason enough to celebrate a huge party! But before the party can get started, Bibi and Tina have to search for old pictures, solve tricky tasks and discover lots of hidden paths. A Jump&Run for girls, that couldn’t be better! For the first time featuring mint “pit stopps”, in which the girls can demonstrate their skilfulness.

Platform Nintendo DS
Release date 02/2011
Development environment Nintendo
LernSnacks for iPhone and iPad

LernSnacks by Cornelsen are individual tutorials that refresh, revise and train mathematical knowledge in a fast, luscious and mobile way. Mainly they are designed for pupils who are close to their final intermediate school exams in mathematics. LernSnacks is also suitable for adults as it helps to refresh their knowledge in, for example, cross-multiplication and percentage calculation.

LearnSnacks contains particular lessons that help preparing for the next class or test in school. The tasks have been prepared by maths teachers and are in the usual quality delivered by Cornelsen, thus ensuring that all important domains of the topics are covered.

Platform iPhone und iPad
Release date 01.01.2011
Development environment iPhone and iPad

Link zu Cornelsen

Cabela’s ® Dangerous Hunts

Cabela’s R Dangerous Hunts 2011 | iPhone

On behalf of the client sproing we have realised a transfer from Nintendo DS to the iPhone. What initially begins as a family adventure, rapidly turns into a chase after the most dangerous creatures in the Creation. Playing as Cole Rainsford the user will face the ultimate battle between human and predator, revealing an incredible family secret in the end.

Client sproing
Platform iPod, iPhone, iPad
Release date 10/2010
Development environment OpenGL
ProRommé for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

ProRommé – the virtual rummy card game application available for iPhone/iPhone Touch and iPod Touch/iPad.

Like ProSkat, ProRommé was designed and developed by avid card players themselves. ProRommé offers everything you would expect from a physical card game – just as if you are playing the game “live” and not against virtual opponents.

Platform iPhone und iPod Touch
Release date 01.08.2010
Development environment iPhone and iPod Touch



Logic Cubes | Nintendo DS

IQ-Training made easy! 10 tricky puzzles – easy to play, hard to solve! Everyone who likes to reason will love these fun mental exercises. You will find challenges for both the experienced ones and the smart newcomers. Addictive popular classics and new game ideas provide for tons of challenging gaming fun.

Logic Cubes provides a unique and versatile game selection and a challenging level design – perfect for any skill level. The higher the IQ the shorter the gaming time will be – how fast can you finish the levels?

Client Kiddinx
Platform Nintendo DS
Release date 07/2010
Development  environment Nintendo
PLAYMOBIL Top Agents | Nintendo DS

The peaceful seaside town of Playmopolis is threatened by the greatest danger: the Robo Gang. It is the Spy Team only that can avert this danger. In the third part of the series a new world is created. In the manner of James Bond the villains are in for it now. New innovative ideas will be combined with popular game elements of the predecessor, resulting in an exciting adventure in a world enlivened by agents and double agents.

Client JoWooD
Platform Nintendo DS
Release date scheduled 09/2010
Development environment Nintendo
Bibi Blocksberg – maths: from 1 to 4 | Nintendo DS

It must be jinxed:
Maths causes Bibi Blocksberg quite a headache!

But luckily, she can count on her four friends Moni, Marita, Dennis and Florian. Each help Bibi in each respective form – and that’s how practising turns into having fun. Assume Bibi’s role and playfully learn arithmetic.

By combining valuable exercises with a lot of fun the mathematics learning game helps primary school children deepen and broaden their proficiency and understanding of mathematics.

Platform Nintendo DS
Release date 09/2011
PLAYMOBIL FunPark | iPhone

Welcome to the interactive expedition to the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark!
Using the new FunPark iPhone app you will find everything you need to plan your visit to the park, for example, opening hours, entrance fees, attractions and services.

Already the journey to the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark will be a piece of cake using this guide. Just start the Route planner application and get the directions from your current location to the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark. Another display will inform you about the estimated time of arrival. On your arrival the interactive survey map will indicate the park’s facilities and inform you about the PLAYMOBIL-theme worlds – indicated by a special icon – that are close to you. There are detailed information and tips available on playing and discovering the park’s various active playgrounds.

Platform iPod, iPhone, iPad
Release date 05/2011

PLAYMOBIL Circus | Nintendo Wii

DreamCatcher Interactive publishes PLAYMOBIL Circus Wii in the North American region. “PLAYMOBIL Circus” provides humorous entertainment for the whole family – with all the possible flops, failures and fumbles. “PLAYMOBIL Circus” opens the successful Playmobil-game world to the whole family. The game will be entertaining to children from six years up and adults alike, thus encouraging them to share entertainment experiences.

Client DCI
Platform Nintendo Wii
Release date 12/2009
Development environment Nintendo

Link zur Spielseite

SQUIN (Internet Community on Quitting Smoking)

In 2009 morgen studios has won the prize for the best project idea at the competition “Serious Games – Spielerisch zum Spiel (achieve your game playfully)”, along with TimeKontor AG and AOK-Berlin.

Since then the project partners have been closely working together on a non-smoker’s community called “Squin”.

The program’s objective is to provide a support for smokers who want to quit smoking in the long term. In order to help the users achieve their aim in a playful manner the Internet platform SQUIN uses elements from the “Serious Game” range that meet the needs of the target group.

ProSkat – the game designed by pros for pros


ProSkat – the game designed by pros for pros and everyone who wants to become one!

morgen studios develops one of the most successful games in Apple’s App Store. The average customer rates it with 4,5 stars. Finally, there is an iPhone app for this game of skat (long in use on other platforms), that outstrips all the others. As if you would play ‘live’ and not against virtual opponents. This application is equally suitable for beginners, experienced skat players and professionals. It does not take long to load, it does not feature unnecessary accessories. You can start right away.

Platform iPhone and iPod Touch
Release date 14.10.2009
Development environment iPhone and iPod Touch




Cornelsen Trainer ENGLISH form 5+6 | Nintendo DS


Cornelsen Trainer ENGLISH form 5+6 NDS

“Cornelsen Trainer” for Nintendo-DS offers products for pupils, that refer to core school subjects.

English and maths are the subjects pupils need the most tutoring for nationwide. The content provider Cornelsen stands for quality, efficiency and experience. Another key to success: It is a proven proven that children and youngsters are curious about learning programs designed for game consoles and are willing to give them a try.

Client HMH
Platform Nintendo DS
Release date scheduled
Development environment Nintendo